APAC—Top 10 Stories of Decade

By: The Diplomat

6. Bali BombingOctober 12, 2002

image: Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Patrons of Paddy’s Pub, a popular nightspot in the tourist haven of Kuta, on the island of Bali, likely felt a world away from terrorism as they partied into the night of October 12, 2002. That presumption was shattered just after 11 pm, when a suicide bomber detonated a device in his backpack. Many patrons raced outside, only to be met with a much more powerful explosion. The blasts killed 202 and injured many more. Three men were later sentenced to death and executed by firing squad. For countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, devastating suicide bombings would become a regular occurrence. But the Bali bombs not only introduced the world to a local terror group, Jemaah Islamiyah, they were a precursor to subsequent troubles in the region–home to more than 60 percent of the world’s 1.57 billion Muslims, the vast majority moderate–that ranged from China’s Xinjiang province to the beaches of Sydney. They were a reminder if one were needed that the roots of Islamic fundamentalism and Samuel Huntington’s ‘Clash of Civilizations’ are not just planted in the Middle East.

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Vlad January 12, 2010

You are jumping the gun. The first decade of this century ends December 31st 2010.

Don January 14, 2010

Ah, but you wouldn’t consider 1990 to be apart of the 80s, would you?
There was no year “0″, yes, so one may be tempted to say that we do have a year until the “00s” are up. However, seeing as a decade can arbitrarily be any stretch of ten years, it ultimately boils down to personal preference (notwithstanding the fact that we haven’t officially entered the 201st decade). So, yes, we haven’t technically made it into the next decade. But, once again, I wouldn’t consider 1990 to be apart of the 80s. And so, as far as I, and possibly most people, care, we have entered the “10s”, and left the “00s.”

Ashley Gavin January 15, 2010

I don’t see how neither the war in Iraq nor 911 made it to this list…

Xilantro January 15, 2010

Vlad is right – what’s the difference, though? Living in the strikingly stupid and un-democratic US, the 99-year century was no surprise, and moving decades up one for the new millenium makes as much sense as having the electoral college install the wrong guy in the presidency because Fox news announced his victory before votes were counted (that would be Bush) or calling the slaughter of 1m Iraqis a ‘war’ – Welcome to idiocracy! ;-)

Joe January 16, 2010

The 9/11 attack is, without a doubt, the most important event of this decade.

Robin January 16, 2010

Ashley/Joe- Actually, I think this story is called APAC: Top 10 Stories of the Decade for a reason. APAC. It is only concerned with the Asia-Pacific region which would exclude both New York and Iraq.

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